Today is the first day of the rest of your life …

Hello friends and welcome to my humble blog!

I’m afraid I do not have much to say right now. Many exciting things are on the horizon, and today marks the birthday of the launch for The Fit Ferret’s official blog. Join me, each and every other Friday for, “Friday’s with The Ferret.” Here I will share stories, tips, tricks, adventures, and general nonsense for the purpose of entertainment, education, and enlightenment.

If two weeks is just too much time to pass, or if you just really want to show me some love and support, please, join me on my facebook page where regular quips, nuggets of gold, and inspirational messages pop up nearly every day!

For now, feel free to check out the “About” page and stay tuned for all the fun that is to come.

-Cheers, The Ferret.


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