What’s Your Direction?

Howdy ho neighbors! Thanks for joining us on yet another Friday’s With The Ferret.

Today, I would like to discuss with you the importance of having direction.

Direction is structure that can be given, and just as well created to offer us a means of discovering new things, adapting skills, and otherwise upgrading our selves.

We receive direction from a teacher to learn.
We create direction to reach our goals.
We receive direction when following in a mentors foot-steps.
We create direction when we wish to teach another.

I could go on and on with ambiguity, but for today, let’s focus on why it is important for direction to be a part of your fitness and nutrition routine for the greatest success!

Whether you create the direction yourself, or get it from a trainer you will find your goals not only attainable, but easier to achieve.

Before going into battle, a general has strategy. So why shouldn’t you?

Before hitting the gym, have your own strategy. Decide which muscles you want to work, how you’re going to do the work, and what your time frame is.

By following this rule, you will maximize the results you can get, out of the time you spend.

This can all easily be done in just a few or as many steps as you want (depending on how much time you are willing to invest in yourself.)

1.)    Start a workout Journal

Use your workout journal to plan your workouts for each session and to track your progress for future planning! With a plan, you will be efficient and can be certain your workouts touch on all aspects you want to hit. As well, with easy tracking right in front of you, adjusting regimens and planning future sessions by understanding the past you can prevent plateaus and gain a deeper physical understanding of your own body and its development.

2.)    Understand your mode

Is today’s workout cardio based? Are you trying to keep your rests short and your heart rate up?
Is your workout geared towards strength? Better make sure you are lifting heavy!
Understanding your mode will help you determine the exercises that are best suited for delivering the results you are chasing.

3.)    Do some research

Research exercises, modalities, techniques. Knowledge is power, and in the gym your brain is a muscle that’s just as powerful as the rest. There are many reputable sources out there that provide quality video, aural, and written instruction on how to perform various exercises as well as literature on why and what you should be doing for achieving certain goals (just be sure your source is in fact reputable!)

4.)    Hire a trainer

There is a reason people go to school to get an education when they could in theory educate themselves. Learning from another’s wisdom, experience, and knowledge on a given topic allows us to save time on research we would otherwise have to conduct and learn ourselves, and with an active figure there to engage our learning process, we can draw more from the subject by combining minds and energy. A good trainer, like a teacher, will help prepare you for the road ahead with a solid background of education and the experience of application.

Like fitness and direction, nutrition is very similar.

1.)    Start a food journal

Having a food journal will allow you to track your eating habits and more easily make adjustments as it becomes a “schedule.”

2.)    Understand your body

You are your own best scientist in this department. Nutrition involves a lot of listening to your bodies responses to how you feed it. Monitor your gassiness, time periods of greatest hunger, what makes you feel the fullest longest, and your energy levels. With these notes added to your food journal, you will begin to paint a very clear picture of your insides and gain an understanding of your biomechanics.

3.)    Do some research

Knowledge is power! I can’t say this enough! Read about nutrition and food. Watch documentaries. Gain an understanding of how food reacts inside our bodies and it will become easier to make better choices due to understanding the pros and cons.

4.)    Hire a trainer

Or in this case, a nutrition expert! Hiring a professional who knows food will take all the grunt work of research and understanding out of the process for you, so all you have to do is follow the direction. However, like any teacher a good one will help educate you along the way.

So why spend another minute in the gym, staring at equipment, or jumping around from various exercise to exercise without direction. You are cheating yourself out of time. You are cheating yourself out of progress.

Don’t look at your food wondering what’s in it and how it will fuel you. Kerosene is fuel, but you don’t just put that into your body!

So the big take away from this folks, is that direction is your friend. I know being organized can be scary, and a lot of work (trust me, if being disorganized really is a sign of genius then certain aspects of my own life classify me as the next Einstein) but this is one area you should not pass up having a strategy for. Consider it your cheat sheet for the exam; your ace up your sleeve. Or more realistically, your north star: guiding you home and to where you belong.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Direction?

  1. I try to do exercise and eat healthy each day. However I have a huge sweet tooth and am tempted when I go to the grocery store, or to a friends. Not being able to eat chocolate and nuts helps but I have a week spot for cheesecake. I try to swap out the sweets for something healthier like yogurt or fruit. Sometimes it doesn’t always work. Any suggestions?

    • Agave is a very low calorie natural sweetener, as is stevia extract from the stevia plant. Adding those to things you enjoy with sugar (instead of the sugar) can be a great way to get your sweet fix without worrying about the excess and unused caloric energy. I understand your struggle, I too battle with a sweet tooth and have found agave to be my favorite go to alternative. Remember though, they are super sweet, so a little goes a long way! Thanks for writing in!

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