Quick Update

Hey everyone! Ferret here!

Just wanted to let you know that the contact page has been updated and wanted to apologize to those of you who wrote in with great questions that I was unable to answer due to a missing field for email responses. I urge you to resubmit your questions, or at least use your same name and I will get back to you regarding your question ASAP.

Other things to look out for …

The Ferret’s Gym Survival guide has officially set underway. With hopes of launching the book late summer, keep checking back here. It will be an informative info-graphic guide on the how to’s, do not’s, gym jargon, and general anxiety inducing topics for the newbie heading into a gym for the first time. The gym is for everyone, not just people who already know what their doing and I want to help you on your journey!

Also, The Fit Ferret will be adding in the coming months guest articles as well as introducing a new member to the Blogging team!

That’s all for now! Tune in Friday for a “Juicy” article.


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