For Goodness Sake, Take a Break!

Happy … Monday? Everyone. I know I know, it’s not Friday. Weird right? There is a story, I promise, and it will be our anecdote for today’s topic; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or for layman’s terminology: Take a Break.

This is the story of the vacation that almost wasn’t.

Early at the start of the week leading up to July 4th I received an invite to travel to Lake Winnipesaukee and spend several days relaxing by the water and enjoying good company, good food, and good fun.

I started to plan immediately, getting so excited I nearly forgot I even had responsibilities to tend to throughout the week. There was a blog post, my client load, a plethora of behind the scenes Fit Ferret work, and an ever increasing number of errands to keep me busy.

By Tuesday, as I had had time to calm down, I took an objective look at my workload and my financial situation and realized I had to make a choice; the choice I wanted, or the choice that seemed like the “adult” or “right” thing to do.

I chose work, and financial savings. Woooo … exciting (but sometimes necessary.)

I set myself to my decision, and went right back to work.

As Wednesday rolled around, I started to notice that the quality of my work was starting to diminish, and my quality of sleep was horrendous as well. This had been going on for the last week, as my sleep cycles were starting to include less and less sleep, but I was in such a state of “Go” that I had not stopped to notice it.

Into Thursday now, I couldn’t accomplish anything and I felt beyond exhausted.

I promote healthy living. Physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I had reached a point, where I was no longer keeping my mental health in balance with my world.

So I did exactly what I would have advised someone to do in my situation if they asked: “Go on vacation you dummy.”

So I dropped everything, hopped into my car, and made the trip.

As soon as I left the house, I felt a hundred times better. When I showed up at the lake and was greeted with open arms of friends and strangers alike, I felt a thousand times better, and the moment my feet hit that beach, I knew I made the right decision.

I could literally feel the stress of life melting away like thick layers of grease. I was back in my moment. My mindset of clarity.

Physical health is very important, and we must keep our bodies moving to keep it in good maintenance.

Emotional health too is very important, and we must keep it in tact as to not strain our relationships or our own self-image.

Mental health, which sometimes can be pushed to the side, is also an integral part of the health trifecta. Good mental health allows us to plan, and take action…

To appropriately deal with and manage stress,

To organize our lives,

To be productive and have direction,

If physical health is the peanut-butter, and emotional health the jelly, mental health is the bread that holds it all together.

Without the right frame of mind, keeping up your physical health is not only a chore, but nearly impossible.

As well, when out of our element, mending our emotions and keeping them in balance can become difficult and strain our relationships and stress us out because we feel out of control.


While burning the candle on both ends, I started losing this important balance, and almost passed up on an experience of a life time, favoring being an “adult” over living life to its fullest.

While it is important to make “adult” decisions so we may be responsible and achieve our goals, a very delicate balance of living life unhindered must be adhered to.

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.

We work hard, so we can play harder.

The take away here my friends, is to recognize the signs of stress when you have been working too hard or just when you simply need to take some space from anything or everything so you can readjust, revaluate, and attack.

Remember to take those mental health days when they are needed.

Recharge, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate.

Can’t win if you break!

-Ferret, Out.


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