Achievement Unlocked

Happy Friday friends! This week, we’re going to take an interesting new perspective on exercise timing. One of the biggest complaints I get from people is Time. “I don’t have the time.” “I’m way too busy!” etc. etc.

We’ve discussed before ways to get exercise in during your busy hours of the day and how to fit it in in compact blocks, but today, I want to get a little nerdy and lazy on you.

What I mean by that is … I’m going to teach you some ways you can get fitness in WHILE watching t.v or playing Video Games!

“Wait a second now … Mixing fitness and lazy leisure? You’re crossing some boundaries here Ferret!”

Mayhaps … Mayhaps … While many hold the belief that these things should not coincide or coexist, I tend to take the realist perspective: Not all people are not going to stop doing lazy activities in favor of fitness, so why fight it, when you can work with it?

This week, we are going to discuss the T.V Blitz Workout, and the Gamers Gambit.

The T.V Blitz:

So, while watching a show on T.V every so often these things pop up called commercials; annoying to some, a way of life for others.

Did you know … that commercials routinely pop-up in set intervals? Every 15 minutes (about half way through a regular program) there will be roughly a 2.5 minute break for commercials. Did you also know, that every half hour (in-between programming blocks) there will be a break for about 5 minutes of commercial time?

So, if you watch one hour of television, or one 45 minute show a night, you have 10 minutes of UNUSED time?? (That’s not including the 5 minutes of commercials prior to your show or the 5 minutes after.)

That’s the perfect amount of time, for a great routine.

First Commercial Break: 2 Minutes

Pushups – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)
30 second rest
Squats – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)

Second Commercial Break: 5 Minutes

Crunches – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)
30 second rest
Jumping Jacks – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)
30 second rest
Reverse Pushup Hold with Hip Raise – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)
(To perform this move, sit down, place hands on ground to the outside and behind buttocks with fingers pointed towards feet, plant feet and press hips up.)

Third Commercial Break: 2 Minutes

Pushups – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)
30 second rest
Squats – 60 seconds (As many as you can.)

So as you can see right here, we have a workout that not only DOESN’T interfere with your day, you can do it from the comfort of your living room right in front of your T.V!


Of course, this is just to get you started. This format can be modified to include any exercises you wish. For example, if you ritually watched a show every night, you can periodize your training (meaning select a single muscle group) and work just that portion of your body for the same duration.

So what are you waiting for???

Next up, let’s talk about the Gamer’s Gambit. Like a lot of folks who grew up in my decade, I used to play a lot of video games (I still would, if I could find the time to!)

Similar to the Blitz, we have to find a way to utilize the down time associated with gaming. But where is that down time? Unfortunately, this is not always apparent, and for some genre’s you may have to get a little creative.

Let’s look at First Person Shooters to start,

Prior to the start of a match, and at the conclusion of a match we have the most down time, possibly ranging from 1 – 3 minutes.

Also, during a match, we often times have to wait to re-spawn upon dying, which could take as little as 5 – 15 seconds.

To some this may seem like an impossible time frame to fit in fitness, but I tell you it is not!

Follow these guide lines…

Once you have joined a game, or a match, while the initial downtime is occurring that you would otherwise be using to fidget with your phone, or look at statistics you already know, drop and do as many pushups as you can.

During the match, for each time you die, drop and do as many burpees as you can before you re-spawn; you will either get really good at burpees, or get really good at avoiding in game death.

Upon conclusion of a match, do a Squat for each death you sustained and an abdominal crunch for each kill. If your K/D ratio was below 1.0 do 10 burpees before you start your next match.

This will entice you to not only play better, but will give you a physical challenge that will not hinder your gaming time!

Another popular gaming type, the MMO may also not have a lot of inherent downtime you could use for exercise. But look closely …

When queuing for any instanced type activity, there can be as short a wait as an instant queue or perhaps up to an hour. Here’s your first opportunity!

If you have a pretty good idea that your queue will take less than 60seconds, try and do as many burpees as you can before the queue pops. If you have a better idea that it could take 5+ minutes, start a gambit!

Pushups – 60s
Squats – 60s
Crunches – 60s

If you manage to get the gambit done 3 times before your queue pops, guess what? You’re done! Of course, you can repeat the gambit as many times as you see fit, and once you start to feel more confident, you can add other exercises in, or increase the number of rounds to 4.

So what about those games that don’t have queues or short breaks in the action?

For example, games like RPG’s where you move a character through quests, or you complete levels from start to finish.

Well there is your answer right there!

Upon finishing a quest, an objective, or unlocking an achievement, take 60seconds, and perform one of the 3 basic fitness moves!

Pushups, Crunches, Squats!

Ultimately, whether you are a gamer, or a T.V viewer or someone who just thinks they don’t have time for fitness, the take away from this post is to understand that no matter how many times you tell yourself that, there IS time. Sometimes, you just have to be creative.

15 minutes broken up over the course of an entire day is still 15minutes of activity, and 15 minutes more than you would have otherwise gotten.

So get out there, and unlock some REAL achievements you can be proud of.

-Ferret, Out


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