What’s Your Mode?

Welcome friends! A splendid Friday to you and yours. Today, we are going to discuss Mode, and no, I don’t mean the most frequent number appearing in a series.

Being a fitness guy and a gym junkie in the first place, it’s easy for me to tout all the benefits and amazingness that weight lifting and general gym going can offer a person.

However, I’d be a blasphemer to my own philosophy if I was convinced that IT WAS THE WAY for everyone and anyone.

The truth is: Regardless of the benefits or anything I or anyone else could say, some people just do not care for the atmosphere of a gym or the idea of performing a repetitive motion for the sake of getting better at it and providing a challenge to the body.

Does this mean physical fitness and the benefits of it are out for anyone who identifies with this category?

Show me someone who believes that, and I’ll show you someone who lacks imagination and innovation.

This is where we get into our topic. Mode.

I’m going to ask you a question that I hope you will consider seriously, and ask yourself the very same question.

What is your Mode?

Think about it. Keep thinking about it. Still Thinking about it?

Good! I wanted to pique your interest, curiosity, and get you thinking.

When I ask, “What is your Mode?” Let me be a bit clearer.

What is it that makes you feel alive? What gets your heart racing? What sends the adrenaline coursing through your system at break neck speeds like sneaking out of the house after dark as a teenager and stealing a joy ride in your pop-pops vintage Camaro? What activity would you choose (even if you weren’t good at it) to participate in 8 out of 7 days a week if you were forced to make a decision? If you wanted to make the decision?

If you don’t have an answer to that, don’t worry. You are in a fortunate circumstance. You have the rest of your life to figure it out and try new things!

Maybe yours has even changed over your life time.

At one point in my life, it was sports; another it was being outdoors; today, it is obstacle course racing.

For someone else it may be bike riding, paintballing, climbing trees, running, walking, hop-scotch, curling, pole vaulting, dancing; seriously, I could go on nearly forever.

No matter how obscure, no matter how silly, if it gets you moving and makes you happy, it is yours.

One of the ways I try to encourage my clients to keep themselves fit beyond our sessions, beyond health concerns, is to help them identify what their mode is.

I’ve worked with cyclists, golfers, dancers, athletes, skiers, walkers, runners, just to name a few.

A lot of these people didn’t even realize they enjoyed these things as much as they did until they tried them, until they saw the benefits of a catered workout program helping them excel and become better at their Mode.

Yeah, that’s right. Utilizing the gym to directly benefit your golf game? Your swim speed and form? Your push-off on skates?  Your cornering on skis? This is a real thing.

The gym goes beyond mindlessly lifting things up and putting them down. It is a facility with equipment that can be used in virtually limitless ways to help you excel at and improve your Mode.

But I digress to my original point. Even if you choose not to utilize gym facilities (or home gyms) for honing your mode, for improving your health, or improving your body image, it is still very important to your way of life to have a Mode that is yours and yours alone (it’s okay to share it with others, but make sure at the end of the day it’s an activity you do for you, not for them.)

Another thing many gyms offer besides machines and free weights: Classes.

Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga, Tabatta, Spinning, just to name a few are some of the popular group gym activities that are going through the rounds right now.

Those aren’t right for you either? Don’t worry friend. Your Mode is out there waiting for you to embrace it so it can bring to you the same joy that so many others feel when they become lost in it. Never give up searching, and never give up on something you’re not good at … yet.

As I’ve said before, life happens at the edge of your comfort zone. So get out there and push the envelope.


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