Take Me To The Food

Welcome friends and happy Friday! Today, I want to discuss the topic of healthy eating. Lately I’ve been hearing this; “Healthy eating is great, but it’s just too expensive.”

It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last time.

My only response when I hear this is … “Where did you get that information from?”

I can tell you for a fact, that eating fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole cut meats can be very affordable. In my case, switching over to a healthier diet cut my average grocery bill into a third.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the words “healthy diet” appear they are associated with the word organic, or GMO free, or several other labels that drive up an items marked price.

So what is my definition of a “healthy diet?”

For me, a healthy diet and clean eating go hand in hand and are synonymous to each other.

Let’s take a look at fruits and veggies.

Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables have a season that they grow in? What that means is certain fruits and vegetables are in high supply during certain seasons of the year.

When a fruit or vegetable is in high supply, the price typically responds by going down.

When buying fruits and vegetables, purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season or on sale, it will guarantee you the best price.

Here you can find a link that lists vegetables and their respective seasons http://www.nourishinteractive.com/healthy-living/free-nutrition-articles/98-vegetables-by-season

Here you can find a link that has a really nifty chart showing the growing seasons for many fruits


Next up, let’s look at meats!

When walking through the meat section, pay close attention to how the prices scale. Meat with the bone still in will be less expensive per pound (This is to account for the weight of the bone and less work that goes into the pre-packaging by not removing the bone.) These can be a great money saver.

As far as brands, organic, free range, etc. if you don’t have moral objections to how your meat was raised or views on the label that should be slapped on it, you’ll generally find the stores own brand to be the most cost effective.

Another thing to consider, chicken will generally be the cheapest meat you’ll find and if you’re planning on preparing the meat that day, look for managers specials in which the meat will spoil sooner than the required shelf life and will be marked down.

Still not enough savings for you? Couponing can be an awesome (yet time consuming) way to also save a few bucks while shopping healthy.

Not convinced? Plan out your next trip (accounting for the meals of the week) and bring an old grocery receipt with you. You might be pleasantly surprised when you compare the two!


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