H2 More!

Happy Friday friends! Today I want to talk to you about perhaps the most important thing to life as we know it. All living creatures need it for survival and are mostly made of it! I am of course talking about WATER!

I’m sure you’ve heard this at least once before, “You should be drinking more water.”

As well, I’m also sure you’ve probably said to yourself “I should drink more water.”

But, other than “Cause it’s good for you!” Do we actually know why?

Let’s take a look at just what water is doing inside your body, especially for your fitness and health.


Our body has many locations at which the bones articulate called joints. These joints are protected by tissues and synovial fluids. The word fluid is our big indicator there. Like all fluids in the body they are mostly comprised of water, and the cells that make up those tissues are also mostly water and rely on it to function properly!

If we were to reduce our bodies overall water content, our joints would suffer from lack of lubrication and cellular function in the tissues would become strained! This can lead to injuries and aggravate tissues that already have problems to begin with. So, not only is water good for you, but it keeps you moving loosey goosey.

Muscle Tissue

We just addressed how cells rely on water in talking about the joints. In the exact same fashion, your muscle tissues require adequate amounts of water to perform properly and at their maximum capacity. Without water, they will get stressed out and won’t be able to stretch and contract as needed.


We know nutrition is important, we know our body needs to get its nutrition to function. But, we eat food, how could water be important to that? Our blood is our life juice and is mostly water too. It transfers oxygen and nutrition to our cells while taking waste away. Our body turns the nutrition we intake into water soluble particles that our blood can then carry and transfer to our cells.

Weight Control?

Alright, so water definitely isn’t a miracle liquid that makes you shed pounds, yet one thing that is common amongst healthy and fit people is the consumption of massive amounts of water. Beyond the biological benefits if you drink water instead of a high calorie beverage, you’re removing excess sugars that you probably don’t need. As well, foods that are rich in water contain fewer calories simply because their content is mostly water.

Cleaning Up Your Act

Water while it is our life blood, is also our very own liquid plumber. Our waste is mostly water and is the primary vehicle used by the body to get rid of anything toxic or a waste from our system. Drinking lots of water gives our digestive process the water it needs to digest, our kidneys the stuff it needs to keep the cleaning factory operational, the bowels won’t try and hold in excess water (leading to constipation!)

Whether we sweat it out, cry it out, or evacuate it out, water will keep our body nice and clean.

So the next time someone tells you to drink more water, or the next time you tell yourself, now you’ll have an earworm as to just why you should be!


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