Happy Friday friends!

Unfortunately, this will be week two in a row that I will not have a new article for you. Due to circumstances at the gym I work at, I have had a very large influx of clientele spill over into my schedule and at the present am unable to devote enough free time to this to give you the same quality you’ve received week after week. On top of this, I am also in the process of moving!

No need to fret though, these are great things! I have been privileged to meet a lot of new people and help them change their lives for the better, and as well, this upcoming move will allow for wonderful things to unfold in the future.

So it is with heavy heart I regret to inform you all that Friday’s With the Ferret will be taking a short hiatus or hibernation if you will.

I will post up things here and there as I am still always learning new things and little snipets of time will arise for me to write.

Keep working hard and take every opportunity you can to make a better version of yourself. See you all soon!



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