Dan “The Fit Ferret” Conaghan

Dan is the brains behind this operation. The Fit Ferret is his brain child that has slowly been evolving and changing along with himself as he continues propelling himself forward one step at a time.

Former Laborer and Elementary School teacher, Dan is now a Certified Personal Trainer through the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and works full time as a trainer and entrepreneur, dedicating countless hours to his blog and his grand ideas of owning his own personal training business and publishing several books.

A dreamer, he aims high and fights with the tenacity of a cornered mouse with nothing left to lose.

“I’d rather die trying than live a life haunted by any ‘What Ifs?'”

Spending most of his life as a heavy set individual from Elementary School to High school, body image and the reality of the struggle are all too real for him. He once tipped the scale at 275lbs on a 5’10 frame. Now, he fluctuates between 150lbs and 160lbs depending on his training cycle and races competitively in obstacle based races.

As a collegiate football athlete, he was introduced to power lifting and always makes room for it in his training routines for building muscle and strength on top of flexibility and feats of body control such as hand-stands starting from a seated position.

Easy going, and patient, he has vowed to change the world through leading by example, one life at a time.

“Carpe Diem.”


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