It’s always good to know that the source you are going to isn’t composed entirely of bullshit. Seeing as how I rarely site sources of the knowledge I spit on a daily basis aside providing you the gentle mantra of “Don’t worry, I know my shit” it’s tough to accept it as anything more than just another idiot blabbering on the internet.

I take my education very seriously and am always trying to learn more and more so I can deliver not only a well educated form of advice, but advice that has been exposed to as much information as possible. To be frank, I can hardly remember where precisely most of my knowledge comes from as I won’t teach it to anyone without having been exposed to it myself from a multitude of trusted sources.

That outta the way, I want to use this section of my blog to share with all of you some of the testimonials I have received from amazing individuals I have had the priviledge of working with throughout my career, mostly because their words touched my heart, but also, to give you all a little slice of credibility pie to eat up along with my information.

Dan “the Man”

I was first introduced to Dan as “Dan the Man.” I thought it was a cute nickname for the new guy on the block, but I had no idea that Dan was really in fact, “The Man.” I am so fortunate that I was matched up with an incredible trainer like Dan the Man. Dan is an amazing trainer for the following ways:

  1. Outgoing and friendly personality. As a person, Dan is extremely outgoing and he’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s the kind of guy that would hold the door open for grandma- and her large crew of slow-going Bingo players… and he’d hold the door with a smile. He’s super outgoing and really makes me feel like I am the one that brightens up his week. His energy and positive vibes really radiates throughout the gym. Even if I’m asking him a question that I’ve asked 100 times before, he’ll gladly answer me with a smile- and maybe even provide me with a new cool bit of info!
  2. Good communication skills. It’s one thing if your trainer is a good communicator inside the gym (“straighten your back,” “bend your knees,” “slow down,”) but it’s quite a treat when your trainer is a good communicator outside the gym. The second that I need to post-pone my session or maybe pickup an extra session, he instantly texts me back. Beyond the fact that he gets right back to me, his grammar is impeccable! Smart body and smart mind? I definitely hit the jackpot with my trainer!
  3. Charisma. Dan has more charisma than he can fit into his 5’10” frame. He is magnetic. I’ve even spoken to other trainers and they stated that if they’re having a bad day, they reach out to Dan and he has an amazing way of putting everything into perspective. He’s so optimistic and really wants everyone to succeed, no matter what their goals.
  4. Willing to learn new skills. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only person that’s being trained here. I know that Dan is always improving himself- whether he’s learning how to do a “sit-down-leg-through-handstand-pushup” or learning up on the newest studies about high-intensity short-term workouts, he’s ALWAYS learning. And what’s even better is that he is so passionate about learning more and more. He is so excited to increase his knowledge, whether it’s in regards to food, balance, physiology, fad diets, running, vitamins… the list goes on.
  5. Good organizational skills. There’s nothing worse than showing up to your workout session and seeing your training with another client. Honestly, when that happens, you feel like you just got cheated on! It’s happened to me before with another trainer, and it made me feel unimportant and pretty dumb. This has never once happened with Dan the Man and I can’t imagine it ever happening. He has always been where he said he would be, when he said he would be. He is incredibly reliable.

At the end of every session, I feel like I won. Dan always gives me a high five and lets me know that I did a good job. He knows how hard I work and he acknowledges my efforts. I am so fortunate that Dan is my trainer. I would not have made the progress ( -5% body fat, +15lbs of muscle) if it wasn’t for the motivation and knowledge that Dan provides to me every week. Dan, thank you for showing me what I am capable of!

-Jules P.


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been Dan’s client for just over half a year now and I can’t believe what an incredible impact working with him has had on me and my lifestyle. Already, I’ve gone from running one mile to five, from eight pushups to thirty, from a size six to a size four, and it just keeps getting better. Dan has completely changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition. He is inspirational, thoughtful, and has proven that getting a personal trainer was one of the best decisions of my life.

When starting out, it was important for me to have someone patient- someone who made me feel comfortable asking even the most basic questions. Every session I have with Dan, I ask question after question about nutrition, form, how to work certain muscle groups- and he answers every single one with detail and care. Dan takes the time to educate his clients so even beyond the training sessions, clients can work toward their goals.

Something to be admired of Dan is how he listens to his clients to build programs around their goals. Whether the goal is to slim down or to be able to get over an eight-foot wall, Dan goes above and beyond to ensure all goals are met. A great example of this was when I told Dan I wanted to complete a Spartan obstacle-course race. The very next session, Dan handed me a program of body-weight exercises that he had come up with specifically for me so that I would be ready by race time. Just taking that extra time to produce that for me made such a difference. It shows Dan’s commitment and willingness to go out of his way to help a client reach his/her goals.

What makes Dan truly an incredible trainer, though, is the amount of kindness and positivity he holds. When I fail at a set, he gives me a high five and tells me it is progress in the right direction. When I’m nervous about a new exercise, he promises that he wouldn’t have me do it if I couldn’t, and he’s always right. When I work with Dan, he roots for me. He genuinely wants to see me succeed which pushes and motivates me. When I go to the gym now, I feel empowered, encouraged, and excited, and it’s all thanks to him. Dan is more than just a trainer, he’s someone I can trust. He’s a teacher, a friend, and someone who has truly changed my life. I am beyond lucky to have been paired up with someone as wonderful as Dan.

When I signed on to six months of personal training, I honestly didn’t think I’d go beyond that. I’m proud to say that working with Dan has completely changed the experience I have at the gym, and I have already committed to another six months of personal training. I have seen results faster than I ever did before and am more committed to a healthy lifestyle. I can’t say enough how Dan has changed my life for the better. I am just so happy working with him and couldn’t imagine training without him.

Best Regards,

-Christy L.


To whom it may concern;

I wish to express my pleasure with having had an opportunity to work with Daniel since early July of 2013.

Daniel has been instrumental in helping me improve my overall fitness.

Early on he took the time to evaluate my overall conditioning and noted certain limitations I had – particularly in the area of neck and shoulder mobility due to a previous surgery – and crafted my workout program accordingly.

The strides I have made since beginning my workouts with Daniel are really beginning to pay dividends. I am an avid downhill skier and my sessions with Daniel really paid off this past winter with improved core strength, balance, and flexibility.

-David K.

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been working with Daniel since September of 2013. I am  very impressed with how he takes the time each week to evaluate my progress and tailor our session to address specific issues. I have limitations due to multiple back surgeries I had at a very young age. Daniel took the time to familiarize himself with my particular situation and is always cognizant of this while still helping me get the most out of my workout.

I am very grate full to have him by my side helping me all the way!!

-Linda L.


 I wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoy our training sessions.  I have already noticed a difference in how my clothes fit over the past 6 weeks that we have been working together something that never happened with working out on my own.  I especially like the way you seem to know when I can do more reps (and when I really can’t,) the variety of the exercises, and the positive reinforcement along the way.  Looking forward to continuing the workouts and getting stronger.

-Tina A.

Dan is a remarkable trainer.  I really like how he keeps up with the latest exercises… not the same old squat after squat after squat.  He has been giving me workouts I have never done before (and, I have had a lot of experience with trainers in the past).  

I was going into this with the thought I needed someone to help me with form and to just keep me accountable.   However I was pleasantly surprised!  Every time we meet I am pushed to limits and always with something new I have not done, or if I have done it something is added to make the same old boring squat that much harder/new.  

I also like Dan’s vast knowledgeable of the science behind it all, he is setting me up to do this on my own not just keep a client.  

Also throw in he knows a ton about nutrition!

-Dove P.

I have been training with Dan on a weekly basis for 4 months. I recently discovered I am exactly twice his age! My goal is to get in shape while not injuring my back and joints. Dan listens to my needs and finds the right balance for me personally. He pushes me to do exercises I didn’t think were still in me and finds alternative ones when it doesn’t feel right for my body. I am very impressed with his knowledge of the body and the best ways to keep it moving.

-Mary S.

It started in November 2013, just after my first trainer had moved on to other endeavors, that I received a phone call from Dan. He wanted to know if I had a new trainer and if not would I like to make some appointments with him.  This is really what I needed to continue with my training. 

Change is often difficult. 

It’s intimidating to start afresh and I had no idea who to choose as my new trainer.  I am so glad that Dan initiated the new training.  It really helped me stay on target to feel better and get stronger.  I have learned with age, change is good!  Dan has been wonderful!  I feel great, and am noticing a real difference in my body.  Dan motivates me to push myself but not too much to discourage me.  He knows his human physiology and is able to explain what muscles we are working on, why, and how. Dan is always pleasant and motivating.  I’m sure it is not easy for a young guy to work with us middle aged, out of shape ladies, but Dan is always very positive and encouraging.  He has accommodated me by coming in at 6:30 in the morning so I can fit a workout into my busy day!  He changes my routine so I am never bored, and he keeps challenging me to be better.

-Eliza G.

Having spent the past 9 years training in Kenpo Karate, and working out at various gyms, I had reached what I considered my physical peak. Unfortunately this state went into a rapid decline when I went to attain my bachelors of science in Computer Systems engineering. Strapped to books I did not have time to work out at the same frequency as before.

Finally, in 2013 I graduated and got a job. Although I was a great point in my life my physical state had all but deteriorated. All essence of my former skills in martial arts and strength had faded. This greatly bothered me as I knew I had let myself go.

In an attempt to regain my previous confidence and skill I started going to the gym. Over the course of two months it was if I had not gotten anywhere so I reached out for help. Soon after this I met Dan.

He understood that I had previous training and what I wanted from the future. Almost immediately it became apparent that Dan knew exactly how to attain that. Through the sessions with him, I learned that he had gone out of the way and done his own research for my case. It was clear that he wanted me to reach my goal. Dan had taken the initiative to learn new workout regiments, training methodologies, and eating habits.

Through constant motivation and a very personalized training experience he helped rebuild me over the next eight months. Even when I did not want to go to the gym; Dan would find some way to motivate me. Sometimes he would text me to remind me to come, other times he would message me about eating habits.

Months later I began to see the effects of all this training. He had changed not only my physical integrity, by my mental attitude. I was now motivated to get back into it. Having gone from a skinny 150 lbs. engineer to a 180lbs trained athlete I knew I was ready to start a new leaf.

-Jack V.

Dan has been my personal trainer for three months now. It has been a great fit for me as Dan was able to read my personality in relation to exercising immediately. He is able to provide the support and confidence I need in order to push myself to the next level. I also appreciate all of the background knowledge Dan supplies so that I know not only how to use equipment and do routines but I also know why I am doing them. Although I will be moving, I plan to continue seeing Dan as my personal trainer as opposed to someone new. Cheers to Dan for all of his help!

-Stephanie C.


I have been working with Dan for 8 months now. He is a great trainer with a great wealth of knowledge. He listens to your questions and concerns and knows how to change an exercise or a routine to fit you. He is great at pushing you when needed so you can be your best.  I look forward to my sessions with him because he always pushes me further than I would have thought I could go. It amazes me that when I have experienced any pain, Dan is able to change an exercise with a slight modification and I can keep going strong. He has a positive outlook and shares his knowledge with me at every session.

-Laurie B.


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the great job that Dan is doing. He is the reason that I want to continue with the training and will sign up for more sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started. Dan was really understanding and is able to keep me interested and challenged. He is knowledgeable and tailors the work out to my individual needs. He has a calm and encouraging style which helps me to get through the final few reps or seconds of a pose.

 Thanks again! Keep up the good work, Dan!!!

-Joanne D.

To whom it may concern,

I am very happy to have used Dan as a trainer/coach 6 times
over the last 3 months.  Dan explains the rationale and mechanics of the
exercises he assigns very clearly.  He engineers a balanced workout and
challenges you to really exert yourself.  I have a few physical
limitations because of a recent bout with Multiple Myeloma, a form of
blood cancer.  Dan understood my limitations and devised exercises to
work around them.  In sum, Dan is a good trainer.

An added bonus is that Dan is a very pleasant person to work with and in
general a good guy!

-Greg J.


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