Group Classes

ATTENTION: Classes are on HOLD till Spring


Hey everyone! Here you will find my various group classes and their availability, as well as the contact form for signing up for one!

Confused about what’s going on here? Come hither friend, let me explain!


*10$ for Drop Ins
*50$ for blocks of 6 Credits


Space is Limited!



What to Expect and What to Bring:

These classes will be oriented towards getting your entire body moving, and keeping your heart rate at an elevated level. Body-weight strength training and cardiovascular endurance through creative and fun (But very challenging) ways; this is a group class experience that is very unique!

We will be getting down and dirty, so make sure you are wearing appropriate athletic clothing that you don’t potentially mind getting dirty or grass stained.

Bring water, and plenty of it! We will be outdoors and it is the summer time. You will dehydrate faster than you may realize and water will help keep you in the game. Anyone who does not show up with water may not be allowed to participate in class for safety reasons depending on the temperature and other environmental factors. SO BRING WATER.




Get in on the action!

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