How to Attend

Group Classes

So, here’s the deal…

These Outdoor Classes will take place at Jericho Hill Ski area, in Marlborough MA. (Not to be confused with the Jericho Hill Recreation Area.)

To register for a class, use the appropriate link under Group Classes to get a ticket which reserves your spot in the class. If you have purchased credits, I will deduct a credit, if you are dropping in, payment will take place prior to class.

Two options will be available for purchasing the rights to attend the class.


Ways to Attend
50$: BULK PURCHASE of 6 “credits” to be used at your leisure for any outdoor class I offer for a reduced price of 8.33$ per class. *Credits purchased have NO expiration date, and if you are really unhappy with my services, a refund for unused credits will occur.
10$: You may sign up for a class, and drop in for the cost of 10$ (Due @ class)

As of now, Payments can be made by check (payable to Dan Conaghan) or by cash, upon which you will receive a receipt that may be eligible for certain insurance companies refund programs that encourage healthy physical activity involvement. Payments can be made the day of class or through other arranged methods. Pay-pal account to come soon!

Those who have credits, will always receive priority over drops-ins, and can claim a spot in the class up to 12 hours before it starts (So, by 9pm Friday night for a 9am Saturday Class.) Anyone who is signed up as a “drop-in” will lose their spot in a retroactive order, with my apologies.

As the class gains popularity, more seats will become available, and more sessions will occur, weekends, and weekdays. Should a time slot become so popular that I myself cannot accommodate the personalized approach I enjoy taking I will take on a partner to assist in teaching the class, thus allowing the popular time blocks to be more widely accessible (So, this program is open to evolution.)

For any person you recommend to the class who drops in for a single session, you will earn a 5$ credit towards a drop in, or a bulk purchase.

For any person you recommend to the class who purchases a 6-pack, you will earn a free credit for a drop in, or an extra credit on a bulk purchase.

The credit system will prevent loss of credit or time due to cancellations on my part or in-climate weather.

Cancellations: If a class is canceled it will be posted up on Facebook and twitter, or via a preferred vehicle of contact.
If you must cancel a credit held spot, please due so prior to 24hours.

Prior to participating you must sign a waiver and PAR-Q which will assess your readiness to participate (Whether or not you should participate for medical reasons, or other.)
Understand: This class will involve intense cardiovascular and body-weight strength training exercises. While many people should find themselves capable of doing these things, understand that having limited mobility or strength due to injury, weight, or other can impede your level of participation with a program such as this. While some exercises can be modified, this is a class and can not be custom tailored to any one individuals specific medical limitations. Know your limits and have fun!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, (Contact the Ferret)

To anyone who has expressed interest in other days (weekdays, or Sundays,) and times, your interest has been noted and as soon as more is generated (by you or me) those time slots will start running classes as well!



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