Mission Statement

Here at The Fit Ferret, training is not just something we do, it is a part of our life and who we are. Committed to our clients in the same manner as to which a teacher is to their students, training begins with sweat and tears and ends in education, creating lifelong learners of fitness and health.

We barely understand the universe our rock is floating through, we have a marginally small grasp of our own oceans, and we spend such little time investing ourselves into the fleshy vessels we occupy or the expanse of the ever thinking mind that is our existence.

As part of The Fit Ferret Team, you are invited to join in on an adventure of self-discovery through pushing physical limitations and mental boundaries further than you ever thought possible.

Through The Fit Ferret you will not only be trained by a passionate professional, but be given the education and tools you require to continue on your own path of health and fitness long after completing your program.

Lift with purpose. Act with meaning. Do with understanding.

Personal Training

Why Personal Training? Personal Training is the cornerstone of The Fit Ferret. It is the most in depth and personalized approach you can receive towards your own fitness and nutrition. All skill levels and all walks of life can be catered to in this approach, helping to create and then achieve your goals in fitness and nutrition. Through personal training, you will work one-on-one with The Ferret as he guides you through all the stumbles and falls associated with taking charge of your own physical and mental destiny. Teaching you how, why, and when giving you all the tools needed to become the master of your own body and mind.

Goal Planning / Achieving

Nutrition Made Easy

Tips and Tricks To Keep The Track

The Science Behind Muscles and Their Responses To Our World


Small and Large Group Classes

Looking for the personalized touch, but with a group of friends? Looking to join in on a group with the same mentality as you? The Fit Ferret offers small group classes for you and your friends and also hosts his very own Boot Camp styled outdoor classes built around challenging your body and mind through creative and playful ways, all the while using the group support system and making sure all your questions and needs are met with educated excellence.

Come join us, or bring The Ferret to you, either way the results will always be the same!


Educational Seminars

Interested in offering your group a hands on educated lecture on Nutrition, Fitness Science, and the Psychology of Change? The Ferret has created a teaching program that brings to you the core fundamentals of his training and life style that has delivered critical results for many happy individuals.

Gain an understanding of the food you put into your body.

Learn how to manipulate the physical nature of the body and why with hands on and interactive demonstration.

Identify the psychology behind making change more than a wish and learn how to plan.



Get in on the action!

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