Small and Large Group Classes

Small Group Classes

Groups of 2 – 4 can participate in group training. With group training you will receive all the benefits of personal training, but have the accountability system of group power (not to mention, a fraction of the cost of going solo!)

You’ll receive the same great training on…

Fitness Science: Understanding why we move our bodies and how the body responds to various stimuli from balance and stability to strength and muscle size. Anyone can move and follow a routine. But what if you understood the building blocks of the routine? What if you could identify the response that would follow every action you took? Your investments in fitness would pay their dividends not just with the instant results, but the understanding of how to continue long after you have parted ways with The Ferret.

Nutrition 101: Let’s face it, with all the fad diets out there and misinformation, it can be really tough to not only know what to do, but understand it at all. The Ferret strongly dislikes the fad diet world, the word “diet” isn’t meant to illustrate a temporary change, it is simply what it is; what you eat. This approach to nutrition is not a fad diet. It is education made simple on how food reacts in our body and how to make wiser choices when it comes to fueling your life. That’s it! No strict guidelines, just brain food, and as we all know, knowledge is power!

The Psychology of Change: As part of The Ferret’s programming, your education is not complete unless the changes you are committing to now, are the lifestyle changes of tomorrow. Body composition changes when we alter our fitness levels and nutritional intake. But what happens when we stop doing the things that introduced the change and revert to old habits and ways? The answer is simple: If our behavior changes, so does our body. That means, both ways. So stop yo-yoing on the weight train and learn how to not just workout and what to eat, but how to change your life as a whole.

Large Group Classes

Have a sports team (youth or adult) that you want to provide a killer workout to that can help you change your game for the better?

In charge of your corporations wellness center and want someone to educate your people on it’s equipment and various uses?

Trying to run a fitness clinic and need to fill a spot with an intense large group workout?

Racking your brain with what program to bring in for your elderly population to help them increase their quality of life?

No group is ostracized, The Fit Ferret is capable of catering to your groups specific needs and still deliver to you a quality program and education based on the three pillars.

The Fit Ferret Hosted Classes

The Fit Ferret also hosts several outdoor based group classes, for more information on how to join in on those, click here.



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