The Challenge

Hey everyone, here you will find “The Challenge” and all of its updates in the weeks to come.

But before all that … just what the heck is “The Challenge?”

So, now that my race is over and the specified training I had been doing for it no longer has a direction to it. I’ve decided to challenge myself to pack on 20#’s of muscle to my 150# frame, resuming a weight and muscle mass size I had been at once during my years of playing football. The catch is, I am also going to maintain my current body-fat% which is the lowest it has ever been!

Each week I will provide my diet for the week (What I ate.)
My exercise regiment (What routines I did.)
And a short v-log on my personal thoughts and how I felt the week progressed, along with snags, and my own mental and physical obstacles.

But wait, it get’s even better!

One of our very own team members, resident strong man “Bear” will be joining me on my adventure. Except, he will be flip-flopping the challenge. He will be dropping weight as part of his ongoing adventure to be a leaner meaner version of his super-strong self.

But wait, there is even more! Two other’s will also be joining in on this adventure one showcasing their journey to packing on more muscle, and another showcasing their efforts to lose weight.

I here-by challenge anyone willing to follow along our programming to either lose weight themselves, or to pack on muscle!

“The Challenge” officially starts 8/18/2014

Dan “The Fit Ferret” Conaghan
Before: 8/15/2014

Weight: 150#’s            Body-fat: 8%

IMG_20140813_132532IMG_20140813_132547 IMG_20140813_132553 IMG_20140813_132523

Click here to check out Dan’s Exercise Programming and Diet Updates


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