The Recovery

10/19/14 – Entry #3

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a long while since my last update, but unfortunately there wasn’t too much to tell. But now, my shoulder is at 90% and I have finally been able to start exercising again (making certain to gradually increase my weights as to test the strength of and not agitate my shoulder.)

So, for the past several weeks, I have been doing various low resistance exercises that involve moving my shoulder in every portion of its range of motion that did not cause me direst pain and stretching out the tissues as often as possible. This involved many rotator cuff exercises using 3 – 5# dumbbells and elastic bands.

Now, the real test begins. as I have been in-active so to speak for an entire month, I must remain cautious and not try to overdo it as I am still not at 100% and my shoulder does still give me little signs when it does not like something I am doing. As long as I adhere to the strict discipline of not trying to work through any form of pain and slowly increase my weights and volume of body weight exercises, the challenge will be back on in no time! Stay tuned friends!

10/2/14 – Entry #2

It’s been almost 2 weeks. Recovery is going smoothly though I am starting to go stir crazy from the lack of activity. I have attempted a few times to do simple balance and stretching exercises and have been amazed by how much the shoulder girdle gets involved with many of those tasks. For now, it is best if I just continue to let it rest.

The Ice and Heat regimens have stopped, by I continue to practice the self massage to keep encouraging blood flow.

Most of my range of movement has returned in all planes. I still can not fully extend my arm forward, or straight up over my head as that is where I experience the most pain.

Sleeping at night is still tough, and my body has been fighting me, refusing to sleep in the ONE position that does not cause pain. I have woken up several times in agony when I have unconsciously rolled into a position that the shoulder can only hold for so long.

There is still quite a road ahead of me, but I hope next week to start on simple body-weight and band stretching exercises to start the process of physically rehabilitating the joint.


09/25/14 – Entry #1

Hey everyone! Dan here. So, a little back-story without going into too much detail.

On the evening of 9/20/14 after engaging in a grappling match with one of my roommates, I suffered an injury to the ligamentous tissue that connect the collar bone to the shoulder blade (Did you know that your shoulder isn’t directly articulated to the rest of your body? It relies on its ligamentous connections to the distal end of the collar bone!)

With said injury, I am in a lot of pain (Still, 5 days later,) have had difficulty finding comfortable positions to sleep in, and have severely reduced range of motion in my shoulder.

Since the injury, I have been doing the following 2 – 3 times a day.

Heat (To increase blood flow) – Ligaments do not generally receive a lot of blood flow, blood carries the rich nutrients your body needs to heal its tissues. By introducing the element of heat, I can naturally draw more blood to the area, increasing the odds that my ligaments are receiving the most nutrient rich blood they can to assist in the healing process.

Ice – (To dull pain and decrease swelling) – Ice is the age old tried and true method for assisting in injury recovery. By using ice any residual swelling from my heat treatments and the injury its self will begin to subside, as well, the cold dulls some of the nerves to reduce the amount of pain felt.

Self myofacial release (self massaging! Again, to increase blood flow through stimulation) – As much as I can stand it, and avoiding tender and painful areas, I have begun self massaging the tissues around the shoulder and neck to help increase the flow of nutrient rich blood to the affected area.

Consumption of Nutrient Dense Food (Yummm!) – Another part of my recovery process involves increasing my diet of nutrient dense and rich food. This means more vegetables and fruit, not only that, but colorful fruits and vegetables (Did you know that the color of a fruit or vegetable often times reflects what kinds of vitamins and nutrients it contains?) Can’t have nutrient dense blood without dense nutrition!


3 thoughts on “The Recovery

  1. Hey Dan,
    Sorry to hear about the shoulder injury. This is the first I heard of it. It’s hard to allow time to heal when you just want to get with it, I know. As you know when I first started training with you I was dealing with a shoulder problem as well. Training with you was a hugh help but lately I think I’ve been pushing it to perform a little more than it wants to. Getting injured stinks, and taking it easy until it’s better stinks even more! Best wishes for your COMPLETE recovery and have a great Thanksgiving!
    Been thinking maybe I need a little more training sometime after the holidays…….

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